Pacimals® is an innovative new pacifier that combines a medical-grade silicone pacifier with a soft light stuffed toy using a patent-pending joint. Pacimals® was named a NAPPA® Honors Winner (National Parenting Publications Awards) as revolutionary and useful tool that simplifies Mommy’s life. This is a huge advance in the world of pacifiers; Pacimals® is a distinctive product and a fabulous gift that is unique.

Babies love their pacifiers, but don’t have the coordination to hold it on their own — leading to frustration, and tears. By attaching the pacifier to something larger to hold, it helps babies keep the pacifier in their mouth. The Pacimal Paci is one of the safest pacifiers available with its one piece design, medical grade silicone made in the USA, and its’ round naturally shaped nipple recommended by lactation specialists.

Unique – the patent-pending joint provides a safe and secure attachment that is tight enough for little fingers, but not too tight for Grandma’s fingers.

Calming – Pacimals® patent-pending joint connects a medical-grade silicone pacifier to a light-weight plush toy making it easy for young infants to hold.

Simplifies Mom’s Life – keeps everything together and easy to find, keep-up with, and clean.

Easy to Clean – snap-off the Paci™ and toss it into the dishwasher and the toy into the washing machine to keep them both clean.

Positioning for Young Infants – Pacimals® was designed to help position your baby’s pacifier before she/he is old enough to control it themselves.

Boosts Motor Skills – as babies learn to hold and control their Pacimal® it encourages motor skill development, often at a much younger age. The embroidered tag also add an extra stimulation for baby’s tiny fingers.

Car Safety – Pacimals® are great for positioning your baby’s pacifier in a rear-facing car seat, reducing the hazard of reaching behind the driver’s seat to retrieve a dropped pacifier.

Superb Design – all of the Pacimals® characters are 9 inches long and about 35 grams in weight, anatomically sized for a newborn and light enough for them to control. The Paci is made in the USA of medical-grade silicone and the natural shape is designed to help breast-feeding babies develop the needed muscles.

Your Baby’s First Toy – when it’s time to wean your baby from his/her pacifier, the stuffed toy will remain as a source of comfort.